A downloadable Interactive Experience for Windows and macOS

In a time of mediated distance, what is lost alongside our kinesthetic sensibility?

Can we retrieve the knowledge borne by our bodies and made manifest in movement?

If all knowledge is rooted in animate forms, then the relevance of these questions has renewed salience in a world of limited physical human contact.

This work re-presents the movement of a diverse range of dance artists inside a navigable virtual environment. Through exploration and interaction, visitors are invited to reflect on the vitality of this archive of embodied knowledge and perhaps rediscover a way back to their flesh-bound homes. 

A collaboration with Susie Burpee, Maxine Heppner, Emily Law, Claudia Moore, Natasha Powell, Nivedha Ramalingam, & Irma Villafuerte.

Mac and Windows build linked below!


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump. Use the mouse to look around.

Alt-F4 (Windows) or CMD-Q (Mac) to quit.


Is there a way to be gone and still belong? v.02 545 MB
Is there a way to be gone and still belong? v.02 539 MB

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